Find your Voice: The Secret to Talking with Confidence in Any Situation is released on 30th January, with pre-ordering now open.  Whether you want more social confidence in your day-to-day life, are hosting an event or appearing on a podcast, Find Your Voice will empower you to be bold, be present and captivate any audience.


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How to Stand with Confidence – 3 minutes 29 seconds

This audio is all about the body and helping you stand tall so that you tower over your circumstances and have confidence anywhere.

  • Learn how to let go of ‘text neck’ from hunching over your devices and in turn open your voice.
  • Work through the body to ground and centre yourself.
  • Find out why visualising yourself with roots, wearing a cloak and with a dragon’s tail will help boost your confidence.

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How to feel calmer – 3 minutes 25 seconds

This audio will help you get out of your head and into a calm and focused frame of mind.  Using devices such as smartphones and laptops can often make us speed up, and that energy is reflected when we speak.  Audiences need us to take our time.

  • Learn how to get out of your head by switching your attention to your body.
  • Start to notice your diaphragm more when you breathe.
  • A step by step visualisation to help you anchor and find calm and confidence.

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How to speak with ease – 2 minutes 32 seconds

This audio is all about finding conversational ease.  The speakers we admire today are not ‘formal public speakers’, standing behind a lectern, sounding like a politician.  Instead they are conversational, and sound like they’re chatting with their oldest friends.

  • Find out how to speak to an audience without rushing.
  • Learn how to stop when in fight or flight mode and get back to sounding like you’re speaking to a group of old friends.
  • Become more of a conversational speaker.

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How to speak with clarity – 4 minutes 26 seconds

This audio is all about speaking with clarity.  It’s frustrating when you’re speaking to have someone say, ‘can you say that again’ or ‘sorry I didn’t understand’, and this audio will help you to combat that.

  • Learn how to speak with precision and clarity using the articulators (lips, teeth, tongue and cheeks).
  • Learn some useful tongue twisters and articulation exercises, using your whole face to shape sound and help others understand you better.

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How to speak with energy – 4 minutes 23 seconds

This audio is about waking up, perhaps after a sedentary day when you’re low on energy and have to speak to an audience.

  • Find out how actors prepare and increase their energy before going on stage.
  • Learn how to move your body to wake things up.
  • Feel more relaxed and grounded, so that you can walk onto a stage with ease, energy and confidence.

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